Essay! OMG

I haven’t written one in about 3 years! Lucky me I’ve got an pretty easy reading from the study guide. I’ve written it “finish”, and it is due in 2 weeks. So good time. I think it is good to have written it, let it be there for a while, and see if there is something I can do to make it better over time.



Updating my 3d animation

3D animation project is going well. And we in my group have divided the tasks we want to do. I thing our teamwork is very good. Both on the same side.

I also start liking maya a lot. And have learn very much in few days! Working flow is up. Took myself a couple of day off, since no progress was shown in my work. Now I’m back and ready for work.


Updating my advance animation

Long time since I’ve updated now. The week has gone so fast. Did take myself a little break at the end of this week. And now I’m back working again.

I’ve delivered m pitch, and have done the animatic from A-B. Meaning that I have done poses from start to end, change some parts, and now I am trying to render a little movie, to see timing and stuff like that. I have a guy who could do the sound effects for me. So I wanted to time the animatic so he can start making sounds.

Looking forward to this. And today I actually did a little bit of timing and added some more poses where it got to boring.



I enjoy working on this project, since we could do what we wanted. And I think I finally can develop my animation skills. I myself think that the animatic looks pretty good already.

I’ve edit the music I’ll use too!

Cabin progress in 3D animation

I have work a lot on my project, and it is starting to pay off.

My work flow is getting there, still kind of not used to all of the working ways in maya.

I have tried some different types of methods, that didn’t work. Like the simplest think like extrude face on my object. I didn’t know how to do it, by that I mean that I didn’t know how to extrude a group. Finally I found an blog somewhere that helped me.



This far by now. trying to make simple objects, so I can put in a lot of objects and make it really cosy ^^,

I’ll try to bed doe modelling soon, during 2 weeks, so I can start texturing, putting in camera, render and make it how I wan’t it to look like at the end. I haven’t done that on my own before. The after work in after effects, so I need to learn it, make particles, my some flies outside and stuff. Make it look real good;)


Advance animation has began!

Finally beginning on the animation research part. I know almost for surten how I will it to be, so today I’m Β on some basic animation.

Trying to find out how to do things in maya. AND wow, almost given up, and then I finally found some useful information online. That made me understand how to do the most simple things.

Today I’m going to start on my animatic…..Just some let the character move from place to place, and some block out poses.

Feels good to finally have understood it! Basically what I was doing and wanted to do today was:

fressze layers- have not figured out jet, and I can’t seem to figure it out

select and move key: this i finally understood how you could do. In ads max I would just have selected the key/keys I wanted to move, and drag them where I wanted them to be. BUT not in maya. You have to use DOPE SHEET or GRAPH EDITOR.

DOPE SHEET: here you can easily choose your keys, and move them further away from each other go closer. You can also choose a key you want to change.

GRAPH EDITOR: Here you can see the slow of your movements. What more you can do, I do not know by this far. This I will more likely use when I’m not working on my animatic;)


Does and don’t in maya + sofa progress

I got kind of frustrated about proxy modify in maya. Normally I would just copy the object, and then edit with the smoothness on. It did look like this would work at all. And I couldn’t seem to figure out what was the problem. BUT! At school today I asked and we did find it out. My tutor deleted the smooth layer inside.

if you take a close look at the pillow, you can see that there is a object inside go the box chosen here. That is my proxy subdiv mask if you like. This is my smooth object. AND I have the mask over the top, that is very easy to work on.

I am really starting to like Maya. Because of how the program think and when you are starting to get familiar, the workflow is really good! πŸ™‚

And my sofa. That was really bad before. I tried to model with a plane, and today I realised, after learning bits and pieces, that I would make a new one. Didn’t took me long;)

So far, so good;)


work in progress_3d animation

Some pictures from my notebook in 3d animation.

Work in progress

Thought I could add some pictures of my note book. So you can have more behind the scenes;)

Sofa in maya

Today I got my work mood on, and started working in maya. My sofa is getting there, but there are some simple things I like to do with my objects that are not so simple here in maya.

Example, smoothing. I’ll like to smooth my sofa, easier said than done. There are more ways to do this in maya, and the way I like to do it, are more complex here.

In 3Ds Max you can just add turbo smooth, add some edges so harden the edges, but not in maya. (You can do it some like this, but it is difficult and a very bad way to do it.)Here you have different types depending on what kind of modelling you are doing, and so on. I tried Proxy on this sofa.

So, I may change the work on this sofa, but I’ll have to try making it. SCHOOL just began, and soon over…..


PANIC! Help me….. :S So, my memory stick suddenly decided to end it’s life, with my picture for digital studio assignment, This is me. THAT I of course not had backup at home…. They are at school, but I think it is a bad excuse: I do not have my picture, my memory stick died. SO I luckily had a few on the camera still, and I just took some new ones.

Typical that this happens when I for once do not backup. Karma I guess. So, I’ve got backups now;)