First day, first impression

So, first of all, I really like my tutor, so far 😉 HAHA.

He has really been out there, and have a lot to tell and teach us. He is really realistisc and honest. What is good. Easy to talk to as well.

The classroom was a little difficult to find, but when I first came there, it seemed nice. Got our own kitchen, toalett and stuff. HIHIH. LEt the nerding begin…

Kind of nervous, but I actually saw a familliar face. First day = good.

Got our first assignments. This is me. A picture serie telling something about myselfe.

First impression of the Digital Studio: Exciting. Kind of done it before, BUT NOT. If you know what I mean.

I really look forward to start my assignment. First step, breath! Get an overview and let the ideas flow.


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