3D animation-First day

So, today I finally had my first day at 3D, and I liked it! BUT my challenge is

1: Working on a mac

2: Maya

I never actually used this program before. Just used 3Ds max studio beforehand. SO today was really intresting.

I like the course so far, we are focusing on the enviroment design, like everything else than characters in the scene. SO I really like that. And the two I’m working with like my idea, and can use it for their own.

You see, we are all duing our own assignment, BUT we are working on the same theme, so that we can make some objects each, share them and so on:) Good work flow I think.

I think I’ll relax some more at home, and then go back to school working in maya and using mac, just to get the hang of it. I’m getting there;)

See ya!


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