Sofa in maya

Today I got my work mood on, and started working in maya. My sofa is getting there, but there are some simple things I like to do with my objects that are not so simple here in maya.

Example, smoothing. I’ll like to smooth my sofa, easier said than done. There are more ways to do this in maya, and the way I like to do it, are more complex here.

In 3Ds Max you can just add turbo smooth, add some edges so harden the edges, but not in maya. (You can do it some like this, but it is difficult and a very bad way to do it.)Here you have different types depending on what kind of modelling you are doing, and so on. I tried Proxy on this sofa.

So, I may change the work on this sofa, but I’ll have to try making it. SCHOOL just began, and soon over…..


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