Advance animation has began!

Finally beginning on the animation research part. I know almost for surten how I will it to be, so today I’m  on some basic animation.

Trying to find out how to do things in maya. AND wow, almost given up, and then I finally found some useful information online. That made me understand how to do the most simple things.

Today I’m going to start on my animatic…..Just some let the character move from place to place, and some block out poses.

Feels good to finally have understood it! Basically what I was doing and wanted to do today was:

fressze layers- have not figured out jet, and I can’t seem to figure it out

select and move key: this i finally understood how you could do. In ads max I would just have selected the key/keys I wanted to move, and drag them where I wanted them to be. BUT not in maya. You have to use DOPE SHEET or GRAPH EDITOR.

DOPE SHEET: here you can easily choose your keys, and move them further away from each other go closer. You can also choose a key you want to change.

GRAPH EDITOR: Here you can see the slow of your movements. What more you can do, I do not know by this far. This I will more likely use when I’m not working on my animatic;)



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