Does and don’t in maya + sofa progress

I got kind of frustrated about proxy modify in maya. Normally I would just copy the object, and then edit with the smoothness on. It did look like this would work at all. And I couldn’t seem to figure out what was the problem. BUT! At school today I asked and we did find it out. My tutor deleted the smooth layer inside.

if you take a close look at the pillow, you can see that there is a object inside go the box chosen here. That is my proxy subdiv mask if you like. This is my smooth object. AND I have the mask over the top, that is very easy to work on.

I am really starting to like Maya. Because of how the program think and when you are starting to get familiar, the workflow is really good! 🙂

And my sofa. That was really bad before. I tried to model with a plane, and today I realised, after learning bits and pieces, that I would make a new one. Didn’t took me long;)

So far, so good;)



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