Cabin progress in 3D animation

I have work a lot on my project, and it is starting to pay off.

My work flow is getting there, still kind of not used to all of the working ways in maya.

I have tried some different types of methods, that didn’t work. Like the simplest think like extrude face on my object. I didn’t know how to do it, by that I mean that I didn’t know how to extrude a group. Finally I found an blog somewhere that helped me.



This far by now. trying to make simple objects, so I can put in a lot of objects and make it really cosy ^^,

I’ll try to bed doe modelling soon, during 2 weeks, so I can start texturing, putting in camera, render and make it how I wan’t it to look like at the end. I haven’t done that on my own before. The after work in after effects, so I need to learn it, make particles, my some flies outside and stuff. Make it look real good;)



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