Updating my advance animation

Long time since I’ve updated now. The week has gone so fast. Did take myself a little break at the end of this week. And now I’m back working again.

I’ve delivered m pitch, and have done the animatic from A-B. Meaning that I have done poses from start to end, change some parts, and now I am trying to render a little movie, to see timing and stuff like that. I have a guy who could do the sound effects for me. So I wanted to time the animatic so he can start making sounds.

Looking forward to this. And today I actually did a little bit of timing and added some more poses where it got to boring.



I enjoy working on this project, since we could do what we wanted. And I think I finally can develop my animation skills. I myself think that the animatic looks pretty good already.

I’ve edit the music I’ll use too!


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