Presentation: Object


This is a funiture that comes in many variables. Then I’m thinking about style, materials, textile, leather and so on.

It is a comfortable funiture you can both sit and lie in.

What I like best about the sofa, is when you are sitting in them there are room for your entire body. (For my self I like to sit in them or lie down to watch movies, sit on my laptop, relaxing ect.)

For me the sofa is a very interesting furniture, because of all the different kind of designs. I really like how the designers like to play with the possibilities, like on the few pictures underneath:) Theres like: No rules, just play and have fun with the design.

There are many different shapes and colors. And there are all kind of prices.

A sofa is not only beautiful, but also an accessories to the place you choose to place it in, and some are most practical as well.

Sofa can be a bed

Sofa can be a sitting place

Sofa can be a relaxing place

Sofa can be a place to store things (like they have a secret room under the pillows)

A little history time:

– History can track sofa way back to ancient Egypt, but was “Invented” late 16th into early 17th.

Before they actually used horse hair and bird feathers and other kind of natural flexible materials to make the sofa seat comfortable and soft.

What you can say is the most early form for a sofa, in Europe, is the Farthingale chair.

1828- Start using spring in sofa

1904- Morris invented pocket spring

1920’s- Dunlop invented the pad form, to make rubber foam

In my scene, it is going to work as assessorise to make the room set a surten feeling.

I’ll try to combine sofa and bookcase.:)

I found the info here  and here.

The look of my sofa

 I did a drawing of what my sofa could look like. Just a little drawing for you too see, as well for me. Like a guide line to follow. Then the work in 3D will be easiere for me.

This drawing it self I did not spend almost any time at, but looking at pictures(that you find in my sofa research post) gives me ideas, thinking, thinking and thinking. And in my head it looks better than this.

I like to make simple drawing to get the ideas out of my head. This gives me something to work on, of you are following. Seeing it on a pice of paper, makes my mind wonder som more. Easier to then develop the idea. Yea, that’s about it.

How to do this in maya

I’ll like to do an easy design like this. The sofa, I will extrude from a plane. And the pillows in the sofa I’ll like to make them from a box, with some smooth modifying tools.


The texture and light will be light, happy, cartoonish, like in UP movie.


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