Updating my 3d animation

3D animation project is going well. And we in my group have divided the tasks we want to do. I thing our teamwork is very good. Both on the same side.

I also start liking maya a lot. And have learn very much in few days! Working flow is up. Took myself a couple of day off, since no progress was shown in my work. Now I’m back and ready for work.



Cabin progress in 3D animation

I have work a lot on my project, and it is starting to pay off.

My work flow is getting there, still kind of not used to all of the working ways in maya.

I have tried some different types of methods, that didn’t work. Like the simplest think like extrude face on my object. I didn’t know how to do it, by that I mean that I didn’t know how to extrude a group. Finally I found an blog somewhere that helped me.



This far by now. trying to make simple objects, so I can put in a lot of objects and make it really cosy ^^,

I’ll try to bed doe modelling soon, during 2 weeks, so I can start texturing, putting in camera, render and make it how I wan’t it to look like at the end. I haven’t done that on my own before. The after work in after effects, so I need to learn it, make particles, my some flies outside and stuff. Make it look real good;)


Does and don’t in maya + sofa progress

I got kind of frustrated about proxy modify in maya. Normally I would just copy the object, and then edit with the smoothness on. It did look like this would work at all. And I couldn’t seem to figure out what was the problem. BUT! At school today I asked and we did find it out. My tutor deleted the smooth layer inside.

if you take a close look at the pillow, you can see that there is a object inside go the box chosen here. That is my proxy subdiv mask if you like. This is my smooth object. AND I have the mask over the top, that is very easy to work on.

I am really starting to like Maya. Because of how the program think and when you are starting to get familiar, the workflow is really good! 🙂

And my sofa. That was really bad before. I tried to model with a plane, and today I realised, after learning bits and pieces, that I would make a new one. Didn’t took me long;)

So far, so good;)


work in progress_3d animation

Some pictures from my notebook in 3d animation.

Sofa in maya

Today I got my work mood on, and started working in maya. My sofa is getting there, but there are some simple things I like to do with my objects that are not so simple here in maya.

Example, smoothing. I’ll like to smooth my sofa, easier said than done. There are more ways to do this in maya, and the way I like to do it, are more complex here.

In 3Ds Max you can just add turbo smooth, add some edges so harden the edges, but not in maya. (You can do it some like this, but it is difficult and a very bad way to do it.)Here you have different types depending on what kind of modelling you are doing, and so on. I tried Proxy on this sofa.

So, I may change the work on this sofa, but I’ll have to try making it. SCHOOL just began, and soon over…..

Drawing my sofa

Today I’ve sitting down, watched the picture for my sofa research. I did a drawing of what my sofa could look like. Just a little drawing for you too see, as well for me. Like a guide line to follow. Then the work in 3D will be easiere for me.

This drawing it self I did not spend almost any time at, but looking at pictures(that you find in my sofa research post) gives me ideas, thinking, thinking and thinking. And in my head it looks better than this.

I like to make simple drawing to get the ideas out of my head. This gives me something to work on, of you are following. Seeing it on a pice of paper, makes my mind wonder som more. Easier to then develop the idea. Yea, that’s about it.



Sofa research- 3D animation

Today we got the assignment due next class. Presentation of a object you are using in the final scene. We all are going to have one object each, that we use most focus on.

And I decided to make a sofa. 🙂 You can read it in assignments for 3D animation.


Some researh picture I like and will use(some lamps, table and chairs as well):


Wow, everything is just wrong today. I could not seem to make it work today.

We are doing modeling today, and what I usually do in 3ds max, is not the way to do it  in maya! I wanna cry, but I at the end find a way to do it. So that is gooooood. Uptil now, there are some things I like about maya. Like how the menu working way, BUT most for now I don’t like. It is too much new things. Like shortcuts, way of thinking and things I can’t do like I did before. Major step backwards. BUT I’m hanging on. STIll. I can do this.

Google, my friend

I’ve found some reference picture I liked, for my 3d animation project. I like the style, and feeling of theese pictures.

Whyit was so easy to find? Because I’ve been longing to do this kind of project for a long time! 🙂 And finally. Finally..

And  kind of references to my final picture. I’ll try to get som particle noise, blur effect, hopefully some flying flies. IF THERE IS TIME!

Theese picture are to show you how I’ve would prefere the result to be look alike.

weblink: 3dtotal.com







3D animation-ideas

This course we are going to make a scene. OUr focus is to learn maya, first of all, and then we are going to create a scene.

So far so good. People in my group like my idea of theme. So cabin in the forest. Doing the water, cabin, forest, particle noise, flies and so on. Hope I have time to do this beautifully. Since this is one of the things I really like doing.

Today I finally sat down and made a drawing of what I want to do. I had this idea for a long time now. Something I wanted to do for a long time, but never had time to do.

This is a drawing of how I see it in my head.

Some pictures of research and help will soon come;)