PANIC! Help me….. :S So, my memory stick suddenly decided to end it’s life, with my picture for digital studio assignment, This is me. THAT I of course not had backup at home…. They are at school, but I think it is a bad excuse: I do not have my picture, my memory stick died. SO I luckily had a few on the camera still, and I just took some new ones.

Typical that this happens when I for once do not backup. Karma I guess. So, I’ve got backups now;)



What to do online? Interactive stuff

So, thinking about things online that is interactive was not hard to find, but finding something “hidden” was difficult.

On youtube, of course, I found a video showing some examples that are really exciting.

check it out!

The most interesting for me was the face you could click on. And whats really annoying it that thing that follows the mice arrow.

My working technique

Yea, I actually called it that. I like to work in a quite room, and using google for what it is worth. You have so much there just waiting for you to find it.

I try to get out of my comfort sone, and my thinking box, but it is not easy. Taking a walk, or go running have a good effect. Just clearing my mind helps. And of course, talking about my thoughts and ideas helps a lot too.

When we are in class, it helps when people are excited about their work, or our tutor is  talking about it. Analysing if you’ll like. 🙂




I love these kind of photos. Mess my head up a little. Seeing something whats not really there, but our mind wonders and make its own picture. That is one way to show how great our minds actually are.

Some people see something different, but most of the time we see the same things.



So, one of our tasks is to find some pictures where people uses humor to catch your attention. Enjoy..:)

I like the way people think sometime. HAHA.

Some things like the feet are disgusting, but different. so you have to look twice.

Some of the picture are simple, what is good. So we can all open our minds a little bit.

Things to think about

A week has already past, and we have a lot of things we have to think about, to write about and find out.

In class we where talking about different ways to take pictures. Like how we can think and try to take picture in an unusual way, that will catch the audience attention. Make they look longer.

“We are in business of manipulations”

And we are going to find examples of where people use humor to catch people attention.

My thoughts is it will be fun, but a little panic about where to find it! GOOGLE. 🙂

First day, first impression

So, first of all, I really like my tutor, so far 😉 HAHA.

He has really been out there, and have a lot to tell and teach us. He is really realistisc and honest. What is good. Easy to talk to as well.

The classroom was a little difficult to find, but when I first came there, it seemed nice. Got our own kitchen, toalett and stuff. HIHIH. LEt the nerding begin…

Kind of nervous, but I actually saw a familliar face. First day = good.

Got our first assignments. This is me. A picture serie telling something about myselfe.

First impression of the Digital Studio: Exciting. Kind of done it before, BUT NOT. If you know what I mean.

I really look forward to start my assignment. First step, breath! Get an overview and let the ideas flow.