Updating my advance animation

Long time since I’ve updated now. The week has gone so fast. Did take myself a little break at the end of this week. And now I’m back working again.

I’ve delivered m pitch, and have done the animatic from A-B. Meaning that I have done poses from start to end, change some parts, and now I am trying to render a little movie, to see timing and stuff like that. I have a guy who could do the sound effects for me. So I wanted to time the animatic so he can start making sounds.

Looking forward to this. And today I actually did a little bit of timing and added some more poses where it got to boring.



I enjoy working on this project, since we could do what we wanted. And I think I finally can develop my animation skills. I myself think that the animatic looks pretty good already.

I’ve edit the music I’ll use too!


Day three, and done! ?:O

Going fast. Going fast. Read about my day in the freelancing in the arts scroll down menu;)


So, I’ve been at school for two days now. Had already 3 different courses. I must say I like it alot! AND kind of panicing about everything that we have to do. So far I have a good idea how to do it.

Taking day by day is a good way to do it. Go trought what you did at school at home after a little break. Focus only on the course you had that day. OK? And then you take a look at the other assignments in the other courses if you are up to it.

Being a student is really good. It’s all up to you, and how you wanna do things. You can choose not do to anything, or as little as possible. You don’t get much out of ittought.

And if you will, you can be a real nerd, everything is doable if you just breath! hehe. as I mentioned, take day by day.

Who I’m I?

So,l here I am. In this big and new world far away fom home…..

I’m LUCKY: having my boyfriend here with me (he will start in trimester 2;) and 10 of my friends from back in Norway (They are taking their bachelor in graphic design.)

See some of my work check this link

Well, to tell you something about me:

  • 3D Student, taking bachelor of Film and Digital Media, major in ANIMATION 🙂
  • From Norway
  • Love what I’m doing ❤
  • Dreamjob: Art Director in animation
  • Like to play computer games: Assassin’s Creed, amongst other games
  • Watch movies
  • Writing
  • Dancing
  • Eat
  • Listen to music

Isn’t this kind of typical for a student my age???? BTW Born in 1990;)


  • 3Ds max studio (3d visualization, interior, enviroment, light, animation)
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe premiere
  • After Effects
  • Know how to use: InDesign, Illustrator and a little of Flash and Dreamweaver
  • Writing
  • Develop ideas

See some of my work check this link