Things that catches my attention

  • The wooden bark on trees
  • Clouds
  • Flowers


  • Sherlock Holmes
How they use slow motion
Fight scene (1. movie)
–  Running in the forest (
  • Tim Burton

– Sweeney Todd

Frankenweenie (Stop motion, style, animation work, character design)

– Better of dead

This is a movie from 1985. Got to love the 80’s and the fabulous special effects skills develop here.

The movies is about this teenagers, popular and nerds. The story we all know. His popular girlfriend breaks up, and the competition begins between him and her new boyfriend. Skiing. And yes, he wants to kill himself.

I liked this movie, because the 80’s use all kind of special effects. Since they are starting to really figure out how to use it. Why not use everything in one movie?

The humour is light, but still funny in it’s own way.

The reason for me to see this was because of John Cusack. I like the way he acts. He is funny, like smart funny. During the years he have become a good actor.

Meet John Black

A special movie in my opinion. And weird. The devil follows his victim. Brad Pitt. Bizarre and kind of funny in it’s own way. Why I brought up this movie is because I do not understand why Brat Pitt in this role talks weird when he talks to one of the old ladies.

I do not think this movie was great, but still not bad.




Online I do not trust

– work online, get a lots of money.(pages: 1)

I am always sceptical to this kind of sites when they are popping up here and there. I think it is because I think it is too easy, I do not believe it is reliable, since I believe when this kind of work is needed there will be some sort of business advertising, where you’ll find other jobs. AND if you sign up, theres almost always some catch about it. Like: you sign up, get an email where you have to click on a web link to verify yourself. SCEPTICAL. Of course, for all I know it CAN be reliable, but I’m not willing to take that chance 🙂

Different pictures I like

I like the way the artist play with rests of a building. For me I see a self made floating boat with sails, on the see, with shark. Do you see it?

The colours are calm, but at the same time I expect something to happen. If it is bad or good, I’m unsure.

What this picture give me is that with something little to lift you up, the strongest wall will fall. Be open minded.

Trapped in another world. Not knowing who you are maybe? I like it, because it is different. Looking twice. Figure out who this is.

This is really cool. And I know how to do this. Never tried myself though. The timing is really good. Impressive.

Cool colour collision

Just Beautiful. Stunning. I want to hold my breath not to make the water drop fall off. Something so delicate can be so strong.

I like the little girl with the elephants because she looks so innocent, but still so brave. They are so big, and I think they look kind of scary. I do not think they’ll harm any humans, but still. THey are so big.

I like the way the light and shadows is on this picture. And the depth focusing on the one dice. It is simple, and a really nice picture.

Every bodies know that these are dangerous animals, but if you look at this picture. He looks so calm and beautiful. A proud animal I think.

This is a cool picture! The contrast between the darkness and the lightning. To the left you see somethings happening inside the colds. It’s like the evil is waiting for the upper tune moment to strike.

Yea, why not you know. This is a very creative picture. I’m trying to set my mind to the person who did this, and I’m like: This look like a woman laying down, do you see her? I’ll show you. Haha.

It kind of opens the mind a little. I like these kind of creative works, make my mine wonder about when I’m outside. Seeing things in the trees, rocks, grass, clouds and so on.

Timelapse and other

Australian Timelapse montage

The gift of time

– I like the way they use circles and time put together

– I like the atmosphere, the happy feeling, that all i all, time is all we got, spend it well

Mountain- Universe

– This is just beautiful- learn how to appreciate it!


Things I do not like online

– I do not like when they find your email address for no reason and sending you spam mail

– People who are hacking accounts online, and pretending to be you, writing bad stuff on Facebook, sending spam, virus.

Amazing slow motion effects!

Balloons and so


– This was actually funny.


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